Marketing Strategy should never be tedious or boring, but that is often how the whole marketing strategy planning process feels. And with business dynamics changing faster than the seasons, you need a marketing strategy process that delivers the benefits of strategic planning in real time, that’s real fun, and delivers real actionable insights, ideas and initiatives.

This workshop uses a game based on the Minotaur of Crete mythology – with scary setbacks, obstacles, and disasters waiting for you around every corner. Through interactive role play, participants will bring their SWOT analysis to life to prepare for the real business “Minotaurs” they face daily — this helps to expect the unexpected and importantly — to be prepared for it.

marketing strategy workshop
Marketing Strategy

This marketing strategy workshop is highly imaginative, engaging, competitive and fun. You gain great insights from real world practitioners and the opportunity to work and compete with your colleagues in a team based format.

Participants will:

  • Prepare through development of a crisp, insightful SWOT analysis.
  • Anticipate competitive maneuvers, crisis situations, hostile take overs, PR disasters, and the like.
  • Prepare in advance for each obstacle/challenge.
  • Suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of mastering the maze and the business “Minotaur” within.

This marketing strategy workshop is customized based on your business and operating climate. While it is a fun approach, you will come away with real strategies and programs you can start implementing the next day!

About VitaLincs Workshops

VitaLincs offers a series of workshops designed to improve the vitality of your company through informed collaboration of your team. We harvest the knowledge inside your company that is often hidden, yet provide the key to sustained success. Our faculty consists of highly successful business practitioners and entrepreneurs. Your employees will leave the room with practical skills, tools, and ideas to immediately apply back at the office!

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Instructors are top practitioners and entrepreneurs. Many of our workshops have been conducted through the ANA and have helped many major companies.