People Embracing People

How VitaLincs Is Helping This VitaL Service

Through VitaLincs branding, marketing and strategy, we’re activating a proven model in the State of New York. When the developmentally disabled live in loving caring homes they become an active participant in life and also serve as a gift back to the people caring for them. This is a Cooperative Effort Between Maranatha Human Services and VitaLincs Funded In Part By NY State’s Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

How VitaL Is Your Company?

Business VitaLity: “To be a source of life to both internal and external customers.”

Re-Vitalize Your Company With A VitaLincs Workshop

Customer Growth and Employee Engagement Workshops

Brand Development
In a Day… or 2!

We all know that a Brand is an intangible asset… yet it is the most powerful contributor to long term profitable growth. A big “pain point” is brand equity erosion which often starts internally through obstacles, fears, and lack of understanding of how to manage this powerful asset. This workshop breaks down the key components of brand building in a way that will engage your team, harvest their knowledge, and reveal practical insights and initiatives that builds your brand and bottom line.

Build your Brand while you Build your Team!

This workshop breaks down the key components of brand building in a way that will engage your team, harvest their knowledge, and reveal practical insights and initiatives that builds your brand and bottom line.

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Purposeful Branding
and Millennials

Like the Baby Boomers, Millennials want to make their impact through change and social justice. But unlike the Boomers, they have more tools at their disposal to effect these changes. Issues regarding gender roles, gay marriage, marijuana use, etc. would never have happened without the swift embracement and actions of the Millennial generation. PLUS… many are very active about who they will and won’t do business with and will be quite vocal about it. They are the first generation to go beyond “Cause Marketing” and embrace truly Purposeful Brand.

Leverage the Power of Your Millennial Audience

This workshop engages participants with our proprietary process called BrandBreath to leverage the power of this influential audience on behalf of YOUR brand.

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A-MAZEing Marketing

Marketing planning should never be tedious or boring, but that is often how the whole planning process feels. And with business dynamics changing faster than the seasons, you need a process that delivers the benefits of strategic planning in real time, that’s real fun, and delivers real actionable insights, ideas and initiatives.

Expect and Prepare for the Unexpected

This workshop uses a game based method with scary setbacks, obstacles and disasters waiting for you around every corner. But no worry… your employees do a little pre prep and have a fun time preparing for the real “Minotaurs” they face in the real world maze of business and brand building.

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Invent and Present
For Kids

This workshop was designed to help develop presentation skills for grammar and middle school aged children. Remember what it was like to be asked to make a presentation in class? One of the more terrifying moments in memory… and for most adults, the mere thought of making a presentation is still terrifying.

Children Gain Confidence and VitaL Life Skills

This is an amazingly unique and innovative approach to teaching presentation skills for kids that could also be used for adults! In the course of an hour the children’s imagination is lit on fire and they learn how to express it in a way that will give them confidence and a vial skill for life!

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VitaL Assets

This is a quick immersion into how you deploy your assets to your most vital target audiences. In as short as a day, we map your current activities in alignment with the info needs of your customers as they go from flirting with your brand to becoming a lifelong partner.

Enable Smart Asset Deployment

Identify key gaps and opportunities for your messaging, measurement, investment, and your operational alignment to serve as a focal point from which to base all of your planning.

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Vital Indicators
(Competitive Framework)

This workshop employs a new and breakthrough approach to looking at what and who your real “competition” is — not just who your literal competitors are, but what are you competing with in your customers’ brains.

Stay Relevant With Your Most Relevant Customers

Deep dive into the minds of your customer segments using our VitaL Star — 5 Point Customer Relevance Assessment to determine exactly who and what your brand is competing against, and what to do about it.

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Vital Values

This workshop takes segmentation to a whole new level — too many brands get distracted through an undisciplined approach to growth — seeking increased market share from just about anyone, anywhere. Soon they become bulky and irrelevant in an era that now values succinct, clear, “what can you do for me today. here… now!

Know Where Your Greatest Value Lies

In as little as 1/2 day you will have a better understanding of those segments that are of greatest value to you:
*What do they value?
*What value do you bring them?

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Vital Organs
(Employee Engagement)

When your team’s Performance aligns with your Brand Promise you have a clear competitive advantage. This is extremely vital today as more employees have felt disenfranchised and customers have conditioned themselves to expect less.

Win the Heart and Mind of Your Market… Through Your Employees

Since employees are your most vital asset, aligning Team Performance with Brand Promise becomes the most effective and economical means of establishing your “real estate” in the hearts and minds of the people you want to do business with.

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