Chamber Media, a social-media agency and production house that makes viral sales videos, has created a direct-response video campaign on behalf of Transparent Labs, a maker of work-out supplements for men and women who are passionate about fitness, the agency announced.

The video, “Do You Really Know What’s in Your Pre-Workout?” is a humorous call to action that runs nearly six minutes and features comedian Will Rubio talking directly to the camera about why the company’s products are the most natural and beneficial available on the market.

“This video is longer than most online advertisements,” said Travis Chambers, Chief Media Hacker, of Chamber Media. “But that’s done intentionally. By entertaining viewers with engaging content, we afford ourselves the opportunity to inform them about the product and invite them to buy.”

As a variety of comedic characters come in and out of frame, Rubio extols the virtues of Transparent Labs and the all-natural ingredients in its pre-workout products.

A long-bearded, buff hipster named Max (Max Weisz, from the popular MaxNoSleeves YouTube channel), shares much of the attention with Rubio, who bluntly refers to him as a “meathead.” In this context, a “meathead” is someone who pumps lots of iron and is very body conscious, but lacks interest in the proper nutrition that goes hand in hand with physical fitness and supplement selection.

A “meathead” also ingests any kind of work-out supplements that will make him or her “jacked, ripped, shredded,” in the words of Rubio.

At one point, two functioning, 8-foot tall blenders are used to visually demonstrate the differences between the ingredients in Transparent Labs’s products and other unnamed workout products on the market.

Three skinny high-school wrestlers fill the “competitor” blender, while a well sculpted woman sits on the shoulder of a male body builder whom Rubio refers to as “Zeus himself.” Even an aggressive parrot who thinks he’s an eagle makes a pivotal appearance.

Each blender gets filled with oranges, representing standard supplement ingredients, including Beta-Alanine (helps fight muscle fatigue), Betain Anhydrous (promotes muscle growth) and L-Theanine (for increased focus during the workout). The measurements and balance of the ingredients are what distinguish Transparent Labs’s products from those of their competitors, not to mention the competitors’ use of corn syrup, lots of caffeine and myriad artificial ingredients, which Rubio simply calls “garbage.”

The video which can be seen on YouTube and Facebook, ends with Rubio imploring viewers to click a link so they can order the product.

Agency: Chamber Media, American Fork, UT (USA)
Agency website:
EP & Director: Travis Chambers
Producer: Travis Su’a & Stefan van de Graaff
Writer: Will Rubio & Travis Chambers
DP: Jared Fadel
1st AD: Anthony Thomas
2nd AD: Dustin Begovich
1st AC: Philip Houser
2nd AC: Jessica Steenhoek
Gaffer: Ryan Hannah
Key Grip: Merik Richardson
Grip: Landon Hill
SFX: Wray Featherstone
Hair & Make-Up: Vanae Morris
Wardrobe: Sandy Bee
Audio Tech: Chris Burton
Blenders Builder: Clark Schaffer
Set Design: Dillon Ellefson & Daniel Whiting
Craft Services: Katie Featherstone
Production Assistant: Trevor Samson & Brenna Empey
Editing: Dustin Begovich
Color: Omar Trejo
Ad Buying & Media: Evan Vilos & Omar Trejo

Spokesman: Will Rubio
Max: Max Weisz
Meathead: Carlos Madrid
Female Body Builder: Ambyr Reyes
Male Body Builder: Chris Rueckert
Teenage Boys: Lincoln Stone, Tag Brockbank, Zack Elzey
Professor / PhD: Jake Emmett
Science Intern: Travis Su’a
Lead Scientist: Steve Colucci

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